Mush.tips is an online encyclopedia with information and statistics about the video game edited by the studio . Open since , this website is made for Mush players in order to provide them with all the help and information they need to optimize their strategies.

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The site was created as a direct result of the disappearance of Twinpedia, towards the beginning of the year . This online encyclopedia, created on and based on the wiki principle, provided information on most games published by Motion Twin for several years, thanks to the contributions of its editors (such as Musaran, NoirHirsute, Gromnax, and others). Having become essential in the community of players, it was considered as a reference and, as such, was widely used by both beginners and expert players, whether to understand the basic mechanisms of a game or to quickly check a technical detail of the gameplay.

The purpose of this website is therefore largely to restore a useful service that is now available only on copies made by the WaybackMachine service of the Internet Archive, and that can no longer be completed nor updated.

Non-commercial objective

Mush.tips is not intended to generate profits. It can't, as a result of the licenses applied to the elements it copies, and doesn't want, out of respect towards the spirit in which Twinpedia was built.

But, because of the various subscriptions subscribed for its hosting, the site nevertheless generates costs. As a result, it may display non-intrusive and non-personalized advertising blocks (that is, not using the users' personal data) which will have the sole purpose of covering these expenses. Thus, these advertisements can be removed periodically, as soon as the balance of expenses and receipts reaches zero.

Cost Details

The hosting on the E-monsite platform is made via several complementary subscriptions. The hosting of Mush.tips is done by three subscriptions:

  • Subscription "Pro" (60 € / year), to remove the large mass of intrusive ads permanently integrated on sites without subscription, to have access to more features and install javascript files used by some tools.
  • A .tips domain name (46 € / year), for an easily remembered name that will allow you to always find the site.
  • SSL certificate (45 € / year), to ensure the safety of your navigation and to contribute to the confidentiality of the communications on Internet.

The hosting of the site therefore represents a total cost of 151 € per year.

Income statement

YearSubscription expensesAdvertising revenueBalanceAd broadcasting
2019 151 € 7.23 €
(on 31/10/2019)
-143.77 € from 20/11/2018
2020 151 €
2021 151 €

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