Data and privacy


The site was primarily created with a selfless purpose. It has an approach that we could be seen as more in a spirit of the type "association / free software" than type "business / service for remuneration".

As a result, it is not expected that the user makes the process of accepting the display of advertising in exchange for the information provided on this site. Although letting these ads appear can fund the existence of the site, nothing prevents the user to use plugins, software or certain types of browser blocking their display.

External services uses two external service providers (that is, when they load, the pages use resources hosted elsewhere than on this site).

Government surveillance is hosted in France, which makes it subject to certain regulations in force in this country. Like the Internet Service Providers, the servers are likely to be equipped with "black boxes" whose exact operation is kept secret by the intelligence services. These programs track the traffic that comes within their reach and analyze it to detect possible illegal uses of Internet. It is impossible to know exactly what information is collected, how it is analyzed, how long it is stored, or even if one of these softwares is actually installed on a particular server.

As a result, all the connection data and the use made of this website are likely to be tracked, analyzed and / or stored by the intelligence services, for an unknown duration and without it being possible for users to oppose this data collection or request its deletion.

To protect your privacy, it is advised to consult this site using the Tor browser.

Last edited: 30/08/2019