Mush box

is a browser-based multiplayer video game, combining strategy and cooperation in a science-fiction universe. The game has the particularity of mixing two different gameplay systems and is therefore largely inspired by the games (team survival) and (infiltration and investigation).
The principle of the game is to oppose the mush team to the human team in a ship. It is typically played in a crew of 16 players (2 mush against 14 humans) for a few days, or up to twenty days if humans dominate and are well organized. The time is divided into 8 cycles per real day, and the actions are counted in points equivalent to accumulative game turns.

Created by the independent studio and distributed on the platform, it was released in its on , then in its English version on after a beta-testing period of about three months. The game works on any browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari) with the Adobe Flash Player extension and, in addition to its English version, it also has a . Mush is a free-to-play: it offers a free gaming experience with no time limit, to which are added some options with charge.

Last edited: 21/11/2021