Where is my drone?

Tired of looking for one drone to upgrade it or transport it to equipment that needs repair? Drones may be useful companions, but their habit of moving around all the time can make tracking difficult.
This simulator could give you a little help by displaying the rooms where you are likely to find one, depending on where they went. Have a look at the Room Events or ask your teammates and then indicate its most recent known location. The more recent the indication given, the more precise the estimate of the location of the drone will be.

The way this tool works is quite simple: it is based on a distribution of an initial probability of 100% in the room indicated, divided by the number of doors of this room, between the various rooms which are contiguous to it. This distribution is repeated for each room, as many times as the indicated number of cycles.
However, the tool has two limitations: on the one hand, it does not take into account any broken item or equipment (which keep drones in place) or Patrol Ships (for drones that have received the Pilot upgrade); and on the other hand, it pre-assumes that drones follow completely random paths (which is not completely certain).

Of course, if you have no track of your drone, this simulator will not help us. But note that drones will generally be more likely to be in rooms with a large number of doors (front and rear corridors, bays and engine room): start there.

Drone seen in room , ago. The drone has the Turbo upgrade.

Last edited: 25/11/2019